about AirVac

Håkan Bengtsson -Specialist på centraldammsugare! Håkan Bengtsson -Specialist på centraldammsugare!

AirVac started up in 1993 by Håkan Bengtsson, and he is running the company.
Håkan has a background in import, sales and installation of Ventilation- and Central vacuum systems since beginning
of the 80´s. AirVac started as an installationcompany but soon we had ideas of how to make a better Central Vacuum and our first produced power unit was made in 1998. Since year 2000 our business totally turned in to production and distribution of Central Vacuums and installation components & cleaning accessories.
We are major distributor and supplier to several collegues of other brands in the Scandinavian market,  for hoses, tools and pipes & fittings. 

In 1998 we made our first power unit that changed the standards for Central vacuums in our market.
One of our first retailer was "Clas Ohlson AB", now with more than 200 stores all over Scandinavia.
During year 2000 we introduced our first "plug-n-play" three-phase unit that also settled a new standard for commercial systems!

We have made more than 7000 units for customers all over the world!
Our units is to be found, ecxept for the Scandinavian countries, in United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, France, Russia and Taiwan. We have labelled several more & less famous brands on our units the past 15 years...

Highest credit rating since 2005



We have been  in the forefront when it comes to hoses and cleaning accessories. Since 2002 we are one of the leading distributors in Scandinavia.
We keep a large stock of standard and LV-hoses and all kind of cleaning tools & accessories. Normally we can ship all orders the same or next day!

At our import warehouse in south of Sweden, most of all incoming containers gets unloaded.
Here we also keep stock of components such as Side channel blowers for our commercial range, in our sister company EKB. (www.ekb.se)

Use the most cost effective transportation.
We can assist or give you advice or offers for most effective or convenient way to ship. For domestic shipments we normally use DHL for road transports and parcels.